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It’s been a big year for words. I’ve pumped out thousands of them over the last 12 months, for some very different clients.

For much of the year I was working on the TAFE SA website redevelopment, an enormous and complex project that ended with a shiny new site launched in December 2016. Check it out here. This project required liaising with multiple stakeholders and managing content across hundreds of pages. One of the main focuses of my work was to ensure the language and tone were appropriate for the target audience, something that is often forgotten with large organisations’ websites, especially ones that have been around for a while and have had addition upon addition made to them.

Following the successful launch of the new TAFE site, I went to work on a very different project, as a ghostwriter and editorial consultant on a science book. Working with a prominent science communicator, my challenge was twofold: the first was to quickly build a working knowledge of the neurophysiology of human interaction, complex systems, adaptive leadership and the effects different technologies have on all of these. The second challenge was to untangle a raft of fundamentally interconnected phenomena and derive a structure for a book that would make the subject entertaining, informative and accessible to a general readership. Three intensive months and tens of thousands of words later, we have a working draft, which we will continue to refine over the coming months.

I learned an enormous amount from this project. Our brains are truly remarkable, and the ways we interact with each other have some fascinating effects. I’m looking forward to seeing the book come out, because I know it will change the way many people think and communicate. In the meantime, I’m applying some of the insights I’ve gained into my own communications practice.

In among all of this, I also enjoyed working on an information memorandum to background state government ministers on a proposed medicinal cannabis industry centre in South Australia, a few successful SA Tourism Awards entries, and a top-secret proposal for a manufacturing group.

I also volunteered with TEDx Adelaide 2016. I wrote speaker bios, facebook and blog posts, media releases and articles in support of this fantastic, entirely volunteer-run event. You can read the recap here.

I’m working on a small website job and an article of biosecurity with a fun twist, while I weigh up a few options for 2017. I’m looking forward to more complexity, more variety, more learning, more new skills and new experiences. I’m looking forward to writing, editing, collaborating, strategising and making things happen. Feel free to add to that list!







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